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I am a 19 years old straight single woman living in Ontario, Oregon

Sweet and Sassy

I'm Maya. I am pretty shy but once you get to know me I can be a little weird and crazy, maybe awkward too but it's always just for fun. i am a pretty nice person. always caring for others (if you'er happy I am happy). I laugh at everything (I don't know why but i have a good sense of humor). I can be really lazy at times but if you want to go on a 5 mile hike or sky dive, I would do it, I am up for anything. I love life and want to discover everything I can in this world. I am going to college right now, just started and have no idea what i want to do yet, but it will come to me soon (hopefully). I like music. I could listen to anything except for heavy, metal, screamo music. I love watching movies. All movies, especially true stories or/and really cheesy movies. I sometimes like sports. I could watch a football, baseball, or basketball game with out getting too bored. I love to play all sports too (not the greatest at them but better then watching them), my favorite sport to play is tennis. I love photography mainly because I love art but i cant draw so i take pictures instead,(which is a type of art). I also love to dance, I am always ready to party or just do anything to have a god time.

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